article It is a common misconception that if you buy a pizza machine it is the end of the world.

While the machine can be quite expensive, you can get a decent pizza in the near future.

This article has everything you need about buying a pizza.

This is a complete guide to buying a good pizza machine.

If you don’t see what you need, then I suggest you skip ahead to the next article.

What you need 1.

A pizza cutter 2.

A good pizza maker 3.

A plastic pizza box 4.

A few rolls of dough (if you don the dough) 5.

A pie plate 6.

A knife 7.

A small bottle of wine 8.

A bottle of spirits (if there is alcohol in the bottle) 9.

A dishwasher 10.

A food dehydrator (if your fridge is not large enough) 11.

A metal container for storage (this can be your fridge, freezer or a bag) 12.

A couple of plastic dish rims 13.

A bag or sack for storing your pizza dough 14.

A kitchen scale (this will vary depending on how big of a pizza you are making) 15.

A lid or lid adaptor for your oven (this is optional) 16.

A baking mat (optional) 17.

A cutting board (optional but recommended) 18.

A cheese grater 19.

A pan or a saucepan 20.

A microwave (if the oven is not hot enough) 21.

A mixer 22.

A spoon 23.

A bowl 24.

A measuring cup 25.

A glass jar 26.

A saucepan 27.

A ladle 28.

A cup of boiling water (if necessary) 29.

A spatula (optional, but recommended!)


A wooden spoon (optional to use for chopping) 31.

A zip lock bag or bag with a lid (optional for keeping food cool) 32.

A large glass container 33.

A jar or tin can (optional if your pizza box is large enough to hold a lot of pizza) 34.

A freezer bag (optional.

You will probably want to store it in the freezer) 35.

A blender (optional), a food dehydrators (optional).


A funnel 37.

A tinfoil hat (optional – this will vary by how much of the ingredients you have) 38.

A pair of scissors 39.

A wire brush 40.

A tape measure (optional!)


A fork 42.

A box of baking paper (optional: you can use this to make your own pizza crust) 43.

A roll of kitchen paper 44.

A cloth or towel to wipe down your work surface (optional ) 45.

A towel or cloth to wipe your hands (optional  – if you do this then you will probably need to wash your hands afterwards) 46.

A ruler (optional.)


A paint brush (optional)(optional) 48.

A pen (optional)- you will need to use this on your work area to make sure you don´t forget anything!


A sheet of baking parchment (optional(optional!)


A plate (optional!)


A palette (optional)) 52.

A candle (optional!).


A little bit of paint or ink (optional here) 54.

A pencil (optional !)


A paper towel (optional (optional)).


A piece of tape (optional!), a few sheets of cardboard (optional?)


A bunch of paper towels (optional)!


A coffee mug (optional!!!)


A container of water (optional)), a small bucket (optional !!), a few extra rolls of toilet paper, a small bag of baking powder (optional ).


A book (optional in case you need it).


A sewing kit (optional too).


A newspaper or magazine (optional that you may or may not have purchased already).


A big bag of flour (optional and probably not needed) 64.

A bucket (you will probably have to get the bucket yourself) 65.

A basket of flour and sugar (optional as well) 66.

A spongy sponge (optional with baking powder).


A packet of salt (optional :-).


A lot of baking soda (optional; it is a good thing to have around for a second baking).


A can of cornstarch (optional ;-).


A quart of vinegar (optional); a little bit goes a long way!


A pint of water, a glass jar, and a little baking powder.


A jug of boiling-water (optional unless you are using it to make a sauce).


A medium bowl (you can use a big bowl instead).


A pitcher of warm water (you should have one with you for this to work).


A mug of coffee.


A toothbrush.


A thermometer (optional of course) 78.

A tea kettle.


A pot of boiling salted water