Posted November 08, 2020 19:30:06 It was one of the most bizarre moments in recent times.

I was driving home from a shopping trip and I spotted my wife in the passenger seat of my truck.

I stopped to pick her up.

When I pulled into the driveway, she was sitting on the passenger side of the truck.

The driver turned his back to me and stared at the vehicle.

I asked him what was wrong.

He told me he was just having a bad day.

Then he went to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to find her body in my truck and I was furious.

I knew immediately it was a murder.

I didn’t know what had happened until I looked at the dashboard of my car.

The first thing I noticed was the blood on the dash.

My wife was dead.

I had no idea what had just happened to me.

What I do know is that she had been murdered.

The incident happened in 2014.

The shocking moment my wife died in the car I was in source Autosort Magazine article Autosport magazine has just released the official police report of the case.

The report contains some disturbing details.

For instance, the report says that Adrian Neweys wife, Samantha Newey, was the victim of a ‘horrific crime’.

Newey was travelling in a black Audi A4 with an Arizona license plate number VF9.

He was travelling from Phoenix to Tucson, Arizona with his wife Samantha.

When he arrived in Tucson, he met a friend, Daniel Williams, at a nearby gas station.

Williams told Newey that he was heading to Las Vegas to attend a party and that Newey and Samantha were staying in a hotel.

He also told Neweeys friend, Joe Miller, that he had dropped off a few hundred dollars worth of gas.

Miller told the two that Neweey was on the phone with his girlfriend and that he and Samantha had just had sex.

As Newey drove down a major interstate highway in Arizona, he saw a white BMW in the opposite direction.

He passed it on the shoulder.

He then passed another BMW on the same road.

He stopped to see if the driver was in the other car.

Miller then got out and approached the BMW, which was driving southbound on the interstate.

Miller said he noticed a ‘bloody scratch’ on the right side of one of Newey’s tires.

‘It looked like a scratch from the tire,’ Miller told police.

Newy got out of his car and looked at Miller.

Miller then told Newieys friend to go ahead and get in the BMW.

As Miller got out, he asked Newey if he was a doctor.

Newey responded ‘No, I’m a mechanic.’

Miller said Newey told him that he couldn’t tell him if the tire was punctured.

Newiey then got into the BMW and pulled into a gas station parking lot.

According to the report, Newey was driving the car when he heard the engine starting.

He saw Samantha Newey on the back seat.

He thought she was dead because she was bleeding.

He tried to pull the vehicle over.

When he got out to check on her, she had died.

“There was a red mark on her forehead and blood was all over her face,” the report states.

At the scene, Newely told police he was surprised that Samantha had been dead for so long.

He said he was shocked because he didn’t think she had any blood on her face or anywhere else.

Neweyl said he had just left a party with his friends.

He called his wife to tell her about the incident and she told him she was in shock.

He told police that he drove Samantha to the hospital and was shocked to see her face covered in blood.

A few hours later, Neweehys friend Joe Miller saw his friend and asked Neweely to come pick him up.

Miller saw that Samantha was not in her car.

Miller went to the gas station and asked if they had any spare tires on the car.

He asked if there were any spare keys or anything else that could help him.

Joe Miller then drove back to the car and found Samantha’s body on the floor of the passenger compartment.

Miller and his friend then drove off in their car to get her body back.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after.

Both Neweys car and the BMW were found to have a cracked bumper.

The car had been totaled and the bumper was missing.

Investigators found the tire that was on Newey s bumper in the glove box of the car, which had been damaged by a rock and a rock struck the tire, the accident report states, which caused it to be punctured and ruptured.

During the investigation, it was determined that