Fitness magazines are often described as niche, and their readership is often limited to niche audiences, but there are still some very good ones out there.

From top-notch fitness brands to niche fitness magazines, we’ve picked out some of our favourite publications in Australia.


FITNESS magazine: ‘The world’s most popular fitness magazine’ source Fitness Magazine is the most widely read fitness magazine in Australia and is also the most trusted fitness magazine on the internet.

It has been published since 1995, and has been voted ‘Australia’s most trusted publication by readers of The Australian’ and ‘most trusted magazine by the community’.

Fitness magazines have a reputation for having a broad and inclusive content, which includes articles on diet, fitness, nutrition, supplements and more.

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Fitness magazine is available in more than 300 languages.

It’s easy to find the best of the big brands, as well as the best independent publications.

You’ll also find reviews of fitness magazines on the site, so check out our reviews section.

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