Cosmo Magazine has an updated look at the cover of its November 2017 issue featuring Anna Faris and Elsa from “Frozen” at the New York City Film Festival.

The magazine’s website features a photo of the magazine’s cover with the words, “Now that the news has settled down, here’s our new look.” 

The magazine also shared a photo with a caption that read, “Anna Faris’s ‘Frosty the Snowman’ is ready for the world to get to know.” 

In the photo, Faris can be seen posing with her new costume, while wearing a snowman headdress.

It is unclear when the magazine would reveal the new cover.

The article, which was first published by Cosmo in late October, was accompanied by a photo caption that said, “We are still working on this, so keep your eyes peeled.” 

Earlier this week, Disney and Walt Disney Studios said it was ending production on “Frostie the Snowmen” in 2017. 

Disney has not announced when production on the film will end.