The American Dirt Bike magazine subscription plans have dropped amid the incoming administration of Donald Trump, which could impact how the magazine is distributed and promoted.

Dirt Bike CEO John Sargent announced on Monday that the company has dropped the subscription plans for its monthly subscription plans, which were initially scheduled to launch on July 31.

In a statement to The American Prospect, Sargents CEO said that Dirt Bike has “received a lot of positive feedback from our customers” and has “been able to create a subscription plan that aligns with their lifestyles and lifestyles as a whole.”

The company also announced that it will be discontinuing its monthly magazine subscriptions.

The magazine subscription plan initially launched on June 1.

According to Sargets website, the subscription will cost $12.95 a month, but customers who sign up through the end of the month will save $2.99 off the full price.

The subscription also offers subscribers an opportunity to “get in touch with the editors, creators, and contributors of the magazine.”

However, the company told the Prospect that “the decision to cease publishing Dirt Bike came from the needs of the business and the needs for customers who may have experienced significant disruptions during the election season.”

“Our readership has been a significant factor in the success of the Dirt Bike brand and the continued success of our magazines, and we are proud to support their continued success,” Sargts CEO said.

The company said that the announcement came just days after the publisher’s chairman, Richard H. Karp, told the media that the Dirt Board would begin taking stock of its business, noting that “many of the problems we faced as a publisher were not unique to us.”

Karp said that “We’re going to do the best we can to rebuild the company.”