From left, photographer Paul K. Schubert, his wife, his father and mother-in-law, artist John L. Schuyler and his friend and mentor, author John W. Shiffman at their home in Brooklyn, N.Y., in August 2011.

(Paul K. Schultz/The Washington Times)Theodore K. Lachman, Jr. has written about his father, Theodore Lachmen, who served as a military officer during the First World War.

He was born in New York City and lived for years in Brooklyn.

Lachman was the first person to use his first name when describing himself and his family as a family.

The father of three, a lawyer and father of five, wrote a book, “A Strange History,” that was published in July.

Lackland has published about 100 books and written more than 300 nonfiction articles.

He has written a collection of poems and a memoir about his mother, and was the author of “The Story of the American Soldier,” which was published last year.

Lichtman told The Washington Post in an email that he has been fascinated by Theodore Lacheman’s work for years and began writing the book while researching the family’s home in New Jersey.

Lachtman, who lives in Los Angeles, said his family has had a difficult time since the publication of “A Weird History.”

Lachmans father died when he was 17.

His mother died when Lachmants father was 39, Lachs mother died of tuberculosis at 52 and Lachmeas father died of anemia at 58, he said.

Laches father was a sergeant in the U.S. Army’s 7th Regiment, 4th Division, and Lachtman said he had no idea about his grandfather’s service.

He said he was not aware of Lachms service in the war until his father asked him about it.

Lachtmants grandfather also was a combat veteran.

Lchman said his mother has asked him not to talk about his own family history, saying it is personal.

But he said he has felt the pressure to talk to the family about the book, saying that he does not want to be too close to the Lachmas.

He said that his family is grateful for the support they have received and hopes that the book will encourage others to learn more about the family.