Hola Magazine will print its first issue on May 31, 2018, with the aim of “making a difference for the South” in an effort to improve health and social services.

The magazine, which aims to be a “social and political portal for the Southern Living community,” will focus on topics ranging from health to politics.

It aims to publish more than 100 magazines in 2017 and plans to print about 500,000 copies per month.

The aim is to print more than 1,000,000 magazines in the first year of publication.

The first issue of the magazine will feature a portrait of President Rodrigo Duterte and will feature “stories, stories, stories” from the southern states, Hola President Rodrigo Abreu said on Tuesday.

“We want to reach out to people who live in the South and understand that the South has not only its own problems, but also that it has its own stories,” Abreus said at the event.

“In terms of what our mission is, we want to make a difference to the South, to the region, to our people.”

“We believe that we can have a positive impact in our community by making the South’s stories available to the public,” Abresu said.

“So we’re going to print a little magazine for our readers to enjoy.”

The first issues of the Hola magazine will be released at 11 a.m. and be printed on 180g paper.

The magazine is aiming to be the most widely distributed and accessible Southern Living magazine, as well as the first to include a Southern Living cover story, Abreue said.

The publication is expected to generate a lot of interest among readers, said Abreumu, who also heads the Association of South American Journalists (ASAJ).

“I think the magazines are really important,” Abrea said.

The magazines “give people the chance to think about the things that they want to see in the news, and we hope that these magazines will help in this process,” Abbreus said.

Hola has been publishing its magazines since 2016.

The first issue, published in May, is a celebration of the Southern Landscape in Mindanao.

The second, in July, is an issue of “Southern Living: The Future of Life and Freedom” that focuses on the challenges of the region.