Michael B., the actor who plays Superman in the “Superman” movies, will sue The New York Times and its parent company, The Walt Disney Company, for defamation, the Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Michael B.

Jordan, who portrays Superman in “Superboy,” will be filing a lawsuit today in New York state court, which was set to start Thursday, the publication reported Thursday.

Jordan is also seeking damages for defamation and punitive damages.

The suit, which is separate from the ongoing lawsuit against the Times and Disney, will be filed in Manhattan federal court, the report said.

The Times has denied that it is involved in any lawsuit against Jordan.

Jordan’s attorney, Benjamin Wooten, told The Hill on Thursday that the actor’s lawsuit is about “what happened when he was in high school,” and that he believes the lawsuit is “completely and utterly without merit.”

Jordan has long maintained that the Times is a “fraud,” but the lawsuit comes just days after the Times released an article questioning his claims about the role.

The story was based on a leaked transcript of a December 2015 meeting between Jordan and a reporter who was trying to verify his claims of being the original “SuperMan” character.

The Times story cited a New York State Department of Education report that found that Jordan had fabricated his age to make the character appear older than he actually was.

The report also said that Jordan has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Jordan has not been accused of any wrongdoing, though the Times has reported that it “will not be publishing his memoirs,” the publication said Thursday.

Jordan is currently starring in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” “The Fate of Superman” and “Star Trek Beyond.”

The Times, however, has previously criticized Jordan for his portrayal of Superman in its article on him.

In its December 2015 article, The Times quoted an anonymous source who said that the New York Post was publishing the “real” story of Superman’s birth in an attempt to “steal the Superman throne.”

The Times added that the “truth is out there” and Jordan is “the best and brightest Superman we have ever had.”