What should you wear for the summer?

We have a list of the most popular styles for your summer wear and they’re all perfect for the season.

Read More The latest issue of Good Housekeeping, a magazine for women, offers advice on how to look great in the heat of summer.

We also found this helpful infographic, which includes a few tips on what to wear to the beach, the beachfront, and even in the pool, to stay hydrated.

The best summer attire? 

It depends on what you’re looking for, of course. 

In some cases, this means a little bit of both, like for a beach party or a trip to the pool.

In other cases, you may need a little more effort, and you should definitely consider a little piece of beachwear for your swimsuit, which should come with some additional clothing.

For more beachwear advice, check out our summer gear guide.