Food magazine has been accused of plagiarism after publishing a feature on how to cook, in a feature titled “The Art of Cooking.”

The article claims that the technique of “the art of cooking” is the “essential step toward perfection.”

The feature was published on November 12, and featured a photo of food writer James Beard and featured his advice for aspiring chefs.

According to the New York Times, the article also claimed that the book “will be published this spring, as well as a book on cooking.”

Food magazine’s editor-in-chief, Stephanie Pappas, wrote on Twitter that the article was “misconstrued,” adding, “We were not aware of this as a plagiarism complaint, and we are deeply sorry for any offense it may have caused.”

Pappos added that the magazine would not publish a version of the article that does not include the words “this is how to make food.”

PAppas also said that the issue was being investigated and that “our editors have contacted us to clarify that this was not plagiarism.”

“The article is inaccurate and not the work of James Beard,” she added.

Food magazine also said in a statement to TIME that “no one from the magazine’s editorial staff reviewed the article.

We have been in touch with James Beard to express our apology for the publication of the false and inaccurate article.”

In the article, Beard wrote that he and his wife “had dinner at the same restaurant that James Beard himself had once been at.”

“As I’m sure most of you know, I spent many years cooking at the very top of the culinary world and I can attest that James was always the best,” he wrote.

“He’s also one of the few people who has never forgotten the food I served at his restaurants.”

The magazine featured recipes and cooking tips for different cuisines including Asian, American, Mediterranean, French, and Italian.

“In my experience, James Beard’s recipe book is the bible of culinary achievement and, along with other great cookbooks like the classic Cookbook, is the foundation for a generation of aspiring chefs,” Pappus said in her tweet.

The magazine also published a letter from James Beard, who said that “I was a little disappointed to learn that the piece was written by someone who did not know my work or have access to the original work.”

“I am incredibly proud to have shared my own cooking techniques with millions of people over the past 30 years,” he added.

Papps also said on Twitter she had reached out to the Food magazine to express her “regret.”

“We will be reviewing this matter and taking appropriate action,” she said.

“I have been a food editor for many years and have been shocked to read this.

This was not a case of mistaken identity.

We apologize for any damage this may have done.”

Pappy Gossett, executive director of the Food Writers Association, which represents food writers, told TIME that the association “takes plagiarism very seriously.”

“Food magazine is a critical source for food writers who publish recipes and recipes guides, and it is especially important for food journalists and food bloggers,” Gossetts said.

The association also published an apology in the March issue of Food Magazine and asked Food magazine not to publish the article in the future.

“We believe the article is wrong and we have contacted Food magazine and asked them to stop publishing the article,” Grossett said.