The world’s most popular girls’ magazine, the Weekly Essence, has announced it will be giving away a free subscription to the magazine for girls under 15, to celebrate the release of its sixth issue, titled The Week.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Anuj Agrawal, said the gift will be for the month of October, which marks the 15th anniversary of the magazine’s launch.

“The Essence has always been a safe space for girls to express themselves and feel safe in a place where they feel supported, supported and loved.

We want to be a place that girls can feel safe and supported and that’s why we are giving away the monthly subscription to Girls Magazine, the only magazine that is focused on girls.”

In this month’s issue, girls have an opportunity to learn more about their own experiences, celebrate diversity and empower each other to create better, stronger lives,” she said.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, Agrawals father and sister, Prashant and Anjali, said they were “delighted” to be given the gift.”

We’re very excited about it.

It’s an amazing gift and a great opportunity for girls,” Prashanth Agrawali said.

Anjali Agrawala added: “I am really happy to have this chance to share this with girls.

We’re excited and we are looking forward to sharing it with our friends.

“I feel it’s an opportunity for them to learn from us and for us to grow together.

It will be a great gift and an opportunity,” she added.

The weekly Essence magazine has been criticised for a lack of diversity and a lacklustre representation of women, with women being less represented in the top positions.