In his article, “How to Make a Sex Tape,” Wired magazine writer Matt Forney says he has created a video that shows how to make the perfect sex tape.

The video was filmed on the same day that he was granted a restraining order against a friend who posted a sex video on Facebook.

“We had just finished filming the video,” Forney said in an interview with the magazine.

“The friend had made an inappropriate, sexually suggestive video of me, and it was just so, so upsetting.

I’ve been on this journey, and now it’s over.”

Forney’s girlfriend and his mother were both in the audience of the magazine’s premiere.

The footage shows him in the bedroom with his girlfriend, sitting on her bed and talking on the phone.

As he begins to masturbate, he suddenly grabs her hair, pulls her clothes off, and puts her to bed with him.

He then leaves.

When his mother looks up from her phone, she sees him walking into her living room.

“It was a very emotional moment for me,” Forsey said.

“My mother walked up to me and I thought to myself, ‘She was on her phone with her boyfriend.’

I was thinking, ‘What did I do wrong?'”

Forney is a licensed massage therapist who has worked with clients of all ages and walks of life.

He began making his own sex tape because he was frustrated with his friends making sex tapes, he said.

When he got a restraining notice against his friend, he decided to make his own.

Forney has been able to make sex tapes of himself and friends for a few years now.

“You can’t tell anyone, but I’m able to keep secrets from my friends,” he said in the interview.

“I’ve made videos that were about my personal life, and the video about my therapist that was on my Facebook wall was a sex-positive sex tape.”

Forneys is currently working with an entrepreneur to bring his own version of his sex tape to market.

For example, he created a sex comedy video called “The Great Sex Tape” which is a parody of the popular “Sex in America” TV show.

The sex tape was originally released on YouTube, but the creator of the video, Andrew Stokes, found a way to monetize the sex tape and make money off it.

“He made it available on YouTube as a free-to-view video,” Stokes said.

Forneys and his girlfriend filmed their own sex tapes and shared them on YouTube with a video description.

The description read: “My friend has had an affair, and he wants to tell her about it.

It’s hard to do.

So I put together a video to give her some closure.

So far, I’ve made over 2 million views.”

In addition to his personal life and the sex tapes he made, Forney also works as a software developer for a company called Naughty & Nice.

He has worked for Naughty and Nice since 2010, and has been featured in various magazines and websites.

He says he’s also a fan of the Sex Pistols.

“When I first got into the punk scene, I liked the Pistols because they had the most extreme politics and I felt like they had it together,” Forneys said.

The Sex Pistol, a group of punk musicians from England, had a sex scandal in 1970 that led to their arrest and prison sentence.

“For me, the Sex In America sex tape, and especially the one about my mother, was the first time I was really inspired to get out and be a part of something that was positive,” Forreau said.

His girlfriend, for her part, says that when she watched the video for the first day, she felt like she was witnessing a new life.

“Now I’m starting to see that this is a normal part of our lives,” she said.