What are the rules of the Game of Thrones tattoo game? 

 A new tattoo contest is taking place on Facebook and it is called “Game of Thorns”. 

 Participants can submit their designs to be featured on the contestants’ arm tattoo and the winner gets to get their own tattoo. 

The tattoo contest took place over the weekend on Facebook with over 400 entries from around the world.

The contest starts on Thursday and runs until Saturday with the winner announced on Sunday. 

The rules of “Game Of Thorns” are that the tattoos will be made to resemble the tattoos of the characters that are in the book.

This means that some of the designs will be drawn with ink from the tattoo artist’s own ink, while others will be based on a piece of text from the book that can be found on the tattoo itself. 

To enter the contest, people must create their own tattoos using a template of their choosing and then post their designs on the “Game” page on the Facebook page.

In the case of a winning design, the tattooist gets to add the word “Torture” to the design in a bold, legible font and then submit a photograph of the design and their tattoos in the comments section. 

It is not clear what exactly will happen to the designs after they are uploaded. 

This is the first time that a tattoo contest has been held on Facebook, but previous attempts have included tattoos of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star Sunnydale star Dean Cain.

Other contestants are Kirsty the tattoo parlor owner from Sydney, Australia, who also posted a photo of her designs on Instagram, and former footballer Ryan Giggs, who was recently fined £200 by the Football Association for the infamous racist post on Twitter. 

“I thought this was a good idea for a young woman who had never had a tattoo before,” she told ABC News.

“I hope it goes on to help other people with their tattoos.”

The contest is open to anyone who wants to get a tattoo and you can enter through the contest page here . 

You can read more about the tattoo contest here.

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