The RTE team has a lot of fun with this one, as we are treated to a rather interesting sequence of shots from the RTE camera crew. 

The first shot shows the gun being taken apart by the RTA team and it’s then followed by a closer look at the internals. 

It’s a nice little clip that will definitely make your eye roll a little bit and the RTFM crew have a great sense of humour with it. 

We then get a look at how the gun was modified to take 500 rounds, before it’s finally given the final polish with a final pass of the rifle. 

As the RTS crew work on the magazine, they take it apart and take a look inside, and then we’re treated to the next sequence. 

They’re using the magazine as a reference point for the final build, which we get a closer-up view of. 

I’m not sure what we’re going to get with the next one, but I’m sure there will be a few surprises along the way. 

Finally, a close-up of the magazine in action! 

The magazine is removed and the team start to work on its internals, with one of the RTTers looking at the barrel. 

One thing to keep in mind with the RTRA 600 is that you have to use a magazine of that length to shoot it, so be sure to get a good one, even if it’s a RTRP-equipped magazine. 

Another RTTer is also checking the magazine with the rifle and it looks pretty solid. 

After a couple of shots with the magazine and a few minutes with the gun, we get to see what the magazine looks like in action. 

While the RTVM crew are doing their best to keep the magazine from bouncing around, one of them pulls the trigger, and it does, with the whole thing falling to the floor with a loud crash. 

What a fun little clip, it’s just one of those moments where the RTC crew do some great work on a great shot and we just have to applaud them for it.