The best way to tell whether someone you love is cheating is to look for signs of jealousy or envy, says psychologist Kristina D. Cappelli.

If you find these traits, she says, you should talk to your spouse or boyfriend about it.

“That’s the first step to being able to say, ‘Oh, yeah, this person’s cheating on me,’ ” says Cappellis, a clinical psychologist in San Francisco.

“And you can tell who they are and what they’re doing.”

The first sign is when you see them holding hands, she notes.

“It’s like they’re being happy.”

The second is when they have fun.

“You’re seeing these little smiles,” she says.

“They’re smiling because they’re having fun, not because they’ve been lying.”

The third sign is if they have a serious relationship problem, says Caffery.

If they’re engaged, say, to someone you don’t know well, you might notice them getting closer and closer to each other.

They may be flirting, or they might be texting or talking to each others’ phones.

If their relationship is strained, Cafferelli says, they might act like they are trying to get you out of the relationship, which makes it harder to talk about it with your partner.

The last sign is that you notice them taking time to talk to someone else.

“If you notice this, it’s very hard to convince them that it’s not the same person,” she adds.

“Because you’re looking for the same things.”

The final sign is they seem happy.

“A lot of people who cheat in their marriages end up cheating in their relationships,” says Cefari.

“I think they are feeling guilty and feeling betrayed by themselves.”

Cappella recommends that people look for these signs at the start of a relationship, so they can recognize the signs as soon as they become more obvious.

The more signs you can see, she recommends, the easier it is to talk and trust your partner and have healthy relationships.

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