NEW YORK (AP) — A documentary about Tiger Woods and his time with the U.S. men’s golf team will air on CNN on Friday and feature a preview of the documentary.

The documentary is titled Tiger Woods: The Untold Story, a collaboration with Sports Illustrated.

The title of the video was not disclosed.

The Sports Illustrated documentary is a new installment of the magazine’s series, “Inside Tiger Woods.”

“Tiger was an extraordinary athlete, and this is his story,” CNN’s chief international sports anchor, Fareed Zakaria, said in a statement.

“It is a story that we have all come to love, and that the world has embraced.”

The documentary, which is scheduled to air on Sunday, will feature a look at the career of Woods and a look back at his rise to the top of the sport.

Woods made his first start in the men’s game in 1999.

He played in more than 300 major championships, won six major titles and is the all-time leading scorer in golf.

The documentary will also feature interviews with Tiger Woods’ coaches and teammates, and features excerpts from a book he wrote about his time in the U-S.

golf team.

The book, Tiger Woods in the Making: The True Story of Tiger Woods, was published in January by Penguin Random House.