SPORTS MEDIA MEMBER: Dave Williams Source: BBC Sport article The latest issue of Sports Magazine has been published online.

The latest edition is titled Boys Life.

Here are the cover art:The cover art has been released as part of the magazine’s launch.

It’s a welcome change of pace for Sports.

It was the first Sports issue in the magazine to be published online, rather than on print.

Sports is owned by the BBC, but has been run by the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) since 2012.IPSO has overseen sports magazines for years, but the organisation has not been involved in the publication of Sports magazines.

This is an important change in terms of the BBC’s editorial role in sports journalism.

I would hope it would attract a wider audience to Sports Magazine and that it will be a catalyst for change in the way the BBC handles its journalism, said Simon Cox, director of the Centre for Journalism at the University of Exeter.

The new Sports Magazine cover features a young boy playing with his football equipment.