A new survey by Time Inc., which offers subscribers access to its popular automotive magazine, shows the magazine has become the most popular subscription for the timepiece industry.

In 2017, Time Inc.’s subscribership for cars was $1.5 billion, a 2% increase from 2016, according to the report.

“The automotive magazine was Time Incs No. 1 timepiece, with more than 2.2 million subscribers in 2017, up more than 12% year-over-year,” said David LeBlanc, CEO and co-founder of Time.

“Time Incs subscribers also were the most enthusiastic about timepieces of all kinds, which we are pleased to see as the industry continues to expand and expand its subscription base.”

Time Inc also reported that its subscribership from women, minorities, millennials and members of the LGBTQ community also increased year-on-year.

LeBlANC added that Time Inc’s subscriber base is comprised of people of all ages, races, ethnicities, income levels and education levels.

The publication’s magazine, Time, was launched in 1971, and the magazine now operates in more than 1,600 print and digital formats.

In its 2017 annual report, Time said it’s in the midst of a subscription expansion effort that includes expanding its subscription offerings in 2017 to include more than 10,000 products and services, including Time.com, Timepass, and a digital subscription platform, Time Hub.

Leblanc said in 2017 that Time’s subscriber numbers are expected to grow by 20% to 30% in 2018, which will make it the fastest-growing timepiece subscription service in the US.