Tiger Beat is a magazine dedicated to showcasing the best in music, fashion, and lifestyle.

The magazine’s inaugural issue, titled “Best of 2016,” was released last month.

It features the cover story, “The World’s Most Influential Musicians,” featuring an interview with Taylor Swift.

“The World is Yours to Change,” it reads.

“Every song you hear will inspire you to reach your dreams, but you must choose one.

The world is your best friend.

You’re not alone.”

The magazine also features a list of 10 “Top 50 Rock Stars of 2016.”

It also features interviews with the likes of Drake, Beyoncé, and Kanye West.

TigerBeat magazine is owned by publisher Daphne Young, who also runs The Atlantic.

The magazine has an extensive social media presence and is regularly featured on MTV, SiriusXM, and other music channels.