A beach wedding in California’s San Joaquin Valley is getting some unexpected attention this weekend, as the city’s tourism board is considering issuing an ultimatum for businesses to relocate to areas around the coast.

A spokeswoman for the Board of Tourism’s Office of Tourism Development says the agency is “monitoring the situation” in the area around the famous Pacific Ocean and is working to determine how many people will be affected.

“We’re working with all of our stakeholders to identify the needs of the coastal community and to determine whether the local beach can be considered suitable for a beach wedding,” spokeswoman Michelle Gentry said in an email.

She said the agency will issue a “final determination” “soon.”

The California Coastal Commission, a state agency, will meet Friday to decide on the situation.

The agency will also issue an ultIMATE warning for businesses and individuals who wish to relocate from areas around coastal areas.

Gentry said the issue is “very complex.”

“There are a lot of issues, and the commission is working with a variety of stakeholders to make sure we get this resolved quickly,” she said.

“I would encourage everyone to get their ducks in a row and stay away from the area of the beach where the beach wedding is taking place, which is called the coastline,” she added.

The coastal commission is in the process of setting up a task force to address coastal issues, she said, but said it is not clear when the issue will be officially resolved.

The issue has come up before, as a California resident who lived near San Joachim and had a wedding there in 2015 was forced to relocate because of coastal flooding.

The city council voted to issue an emergency declaration for San Joacim after a tidal wave slammed the coast and sent up sand on the city, damaging many homes.

Gentry also said that some beachfront property owners are considering suing the city.

“We have not heard back from the city on that at this point,” she told ABC News.

The issue is not the first to be brought to the attention of the state’s tourism authority.

Last year, the tourism agency issued a “Notice of Violation” against a wedding planner in the Santa Cruz Mountains.