By LINDSEY FISHERThe US foreign service (USFS) has released a brand new magazine that will provide readers with a full overview of the state of the US and its geopolitical landscape.

The new publication is called The Foreign Policy magazine, and it’s available to subscribers only.

It’s being billed as a “fresh and engaging foreign policy guide for the 21st century.” 

The Foreign Policy is expected to cover a range of topics including US relations with China, the Middle East, the South China Sea, Russia, Iran, and other key issues.

The new edition will be published by the US State Department on February 23.

The magazine will also include “new content” such as “reunions, events, and policy analyses” in addition to traditional editorial content.US diplomats and policymakers are likely to take note of the new edition.

A similar magazine was launched in 2014, and the magazine has become popular with American diplomats in particular.

US diplomats have used the magazine as a forum for sharing views on a range the administration’s foreign policy.

The foreign service is particularly fond of reviewing the latest diplomatic and policy developments from other countries.