NHL players are playing in increasingly competitive arenas, and that means the sport’s most important and lucrative franchise has an interesting take on the competition.

That’s the takeaway from a recent article in the online sports publication NHL.com by a veteran NHL player and a hockey-reference.com contributor, which also featured the latest from the NHLPA and the NHL Players’ Association.

For example, the article’s author, James Reimer, said that, in today.s NHL, the league is “fighting for the soul of the game,” with a goal of “keeping players, teams, fans and the sport alive,” and the players want to be part of that effort.

The article quoted NHL executive vice president Brian Burke saying the NHL’s owners will “continue to listen to the voices of the players, and continue to give us the best opportunity to compete.”

Burke also said that the league has “a great deal of flexibility” to address the need for more fans to see the game in an urban environment.

And while the NHL is looking to build its brand as a hockey game, it is also trying to grow the game.

That means it’s going to take a few tweaks to get things moving, Reimer said.

The goal is to continue to play at the highest level possible, he said.

He also said the NHL would like to have a full season of playoff hockey, but that hasn’t been done yet.

While the focus is on the players themselves, the NHL and the Players’ Union are also looking to keep players in their league.

The players are trying to reach an agreement with the players’ union that could be a “game changer,” Reimer wrote.

Players’ Association President David Andrews said the players have been talking to the union about the possibility of a full year of playoff games.

That would include the playoffs, he added.