The Huffington Post has published an interesting infographic comparing how popular a certain hashtag has become with other hashtags, and it looks like we’re all getting on board with the trend.

In the infographic, Huffington Post reporter and co-founder Amy Davidson looks at how many people are using #freethebeats (the hashtag that started as a response to the recent deaths of two gay musicians), and the number of people using #blackthebeast (a hashtag created after the shooting of black men in Charlotte, North Carolina).

According to the data, #blackThebeast has more than tripled in popularity since it started trending in March.

In April, it had about 13,000 tweets, and in May, it was trending at about 1.4 million tweets.

That’s a huge increase, Davidson says, noting that the numbers are likely even higher now.

But there’s one big catch to that statistic.

The hashtag #black Thebeast only began trending in May because people in the United States are starting to realize that they’re not the only people who have suffered racial discrimination in the past, she says.

The chart shows that the hashtag #free thebeats, #BlackThebeasts, #FreeTheBoys and #BlackWomen are all trending at roughly the same rate, while #Free theboys and #FreetheBoys have grown by only about a quarter of a percent.

But if we look at the other hashtagged hashtags on Twitter, they’ve grown at roughly half a percent and two percent respectively.

That means hashtags like #free and #black thebeast have more people following them than the other hashtag.

That’s a pretty clear indication that the number one reason people are taking to the internet to complain about police brutality is because they feel like it’s unfair.

And while the hashtag “Black Lives Matter” has been trending on Twitter for quite some time, it has never been as popular as #free, #freeboys and the hashtag “#freetheboys.”

This article has been updated to include additional data from the Huffington Post.