We love to take selfies.

They’re one of the best ways to document our life in the moment.

But for those who want to share it with the world, we often need to edit them, and it’s never fun when we have to stop and delete them.

Well, now we can.

Allure magazine is introducing a new feature to its website that will let you take a photo of yourself, edit it and share it.

You’ll also be able to share the image with your friends, and the website will automatically tag it with a description, so they can easily share it on social media.

We asked Allure to highlight the key benefits of this feature: It’s easy to share and edit: Allure’s new editing system will allow you to share your photo with your network of friends, so you can tag it on Instagram and Snapchat and Twitter.

And Allure will automatically create a description for the photo, so people will be able easily find out what you’re up to.

It’s super easy to delete: You can delete your photos right from the site, so it’s super simple to stop.

It doesn’t have a filter: You’ll be able use a simple “Edit” button to add a description of your photo to your favorites.

And you’ll be sent an email every time you delete a photo, letting you know what happened.

“Our goal with Allure was to make the experience even better for our readers,” Allure CEO Jennifer McElroy said in a statement.

“With the new feature, you’ll always know what’s going on with your photos, whether you’re using the Allure app or Instagram, and you can always see how many people have viewed it.

That way you can share it even if you don’t feel like it, and keep your eyes on the ball while you’re at it.”

You’ll only be able edit photos you’ve posted on the site: You won’t be able share your photos with other people or with any of your social networks.

And we won’t have the ability to share any photos from our own personal collection.

All of this will be coming to the site later this year, but the new editing feature is only available on the Alluring app.

If you want to edit your photos and share them with the rest of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, or Instagram Stories friends, you can head over to the Allures website.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because we used to have a similar feature when we were at Allure.

In fact, that’s the first time we ever saw Allure in the app.

The Alluring website looks just like it did in 2016.

The site now looks like it does now.

And in 2018, Allure has been rolling out a bunch of new features and improvements to the app, including a new filter, and a new “Find Me” feature that will allow users to add keywords to their photos.

You can also sign up for Allure updates, which is also going to be coming soon to the website.