New Zealanders have been clamouring for the nation’s biggest magazine to launch in Australia since the publication of their most recent edition in 2014.

News24, which is owned by News Corp Australia, has been in Australia for the past decade and has been the nation-wide leader in travel, lifestyle and travel news for more than five decades.

However, after having its biggest readership growth in a decade in the last three years, it will be the first Australian publication to be launched in New Zealand. editor-in-chief Matt Goss said news magazine owners News Corp would like to offer readers a new and exciting platform in Australia.

“We’re delighted to announce the launch of our New Zealand edition of the popular news magazine, Travel Magazine,” Mr Goss told reporters.

“It’s been a fantastic five years here in New York, and it’s great to be able to relaunch it here in Australia, where it will remain one of the best destinations in the world for readers who want to get their hands on the latest travel news and travel experiences.”

The opportunity to be the leader of a new, national, international destination magazine is something we are excited to offer our readers, and we’re thrilled to welcome them to our team here at News24.

“News24 will launch in Sydney’s Kings Cross in early 2017.